Wednesday, May 11, 2011

WOYWW #12 (101) - Creative CHAOS

It's almost here! What's On Your Work desk Wednesday's 104th excited! My post today is pretty short and to the point. Lots of 'stuff' coming up in the near future and lots to do to first...

I was gifted with a wonderful box of crafty goodies from Paula Wessells during her giveaway week when she moved her blog! It's on my take a look...

Ribbons, rub ons, felt embellies, metal (LOVE the doorknob and lock piece) vintage papers and ephemera, stickers...(this is attention...) Paula was sooooo generous (I really felt the 'so' should be followed by a few more 'o's  lol), I decided to include some of these goodies in my PIF (pay it forward) for WOYWW's 104th post! (click HERE to see the PIF details...) Share the wealth, right?
Free Smiley Courtesy of

If you haven't been by Paula's blog, take a moment and do so. She's fresh, witty and a wonderful photographer! Her articles include living healthy, marriage, handmade, cooking, fashion...quite frankly, she includes a little of everything and is never what I consider long winded in her posts. I have been stalking reading her blog for...gosh, I's been about 3 years! Totally recommend reading (following, subscribing!...) Don't forget to leave her a little comment love!

One more photo...I've had to do some major reorganizing and purging of my studio...has been a bit painful, but I really just started, so I suppose this is the BEFORE picture:

Yikes, right?! This is really after I decided to start reorganizing and had started moving things around. About 20 minutes into it I remembered WOYWW and thought I should get a few pics. Then I decided one would be enough! LOL

Have fun peeking into the other WOYWW posts!

[ETA: Almost forgot...CHAOS is an acronym for Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome. I first heard Marla Cilley aka The Flylady use this.]

Inky hugs,

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Thursday, May 5, 2011

WOYWW #11 (100) - The Aftermath

On the desk there are remnants of April's card exchange at work, leftovers from my card class 2 weeks ago, bits and pieces of my planner pages, parts for my upcoming class at Simple Pleasures... There is quite a lot of creative herstory (yes, I know I spelled 'her' story...well, it is what it is, right?) over my desks and tables.

It has been a crazy couple of weeks. Really month. Lots of deadlines. Kids, work, school...most of my creative time has been scheduled, late at night with very little time for clean up in between.

I'm barely making WOYWW tonight. I'm just determined to stay on track here and make it to the 104th edition: 2nd Anniversary! So looking forward to participating in the PIF... (click HERE to see What's On Your Work desk Wednesday is about and leave Julia a 'hello!' when you do!) And, of course, continuing as long as Julia does.

Last week I was able to post, but never got around to commenting or even replying to the comments on my post! Remedying that this evening and tomorrow evening. (Thank you, if you commented last week...I didn't forget and appreciated you taking the time to let me know you stopped by! See you soon...)

I better get back to those chores...the laundry mountain needs tending to (it's clean - thank Goodness!) but wanted to share a little bit of fun (don't want you to think my life has been one drudgery after another...) Here's one of the cards - it's a shaped easel card. It's only a little over 4" in diameter.

She's a little reminder that sometimes things are not what they seem...hoping for brighter (and warmer!) days.

Inky hugs,

Monday, May 2, 2011

Postcard Swap [3] - The Finished Postcards

Wow. iHanna's 2011 Postcard Swap was great fun! It was just what I needed to help me out of my creative rut and get moving to more creative endeavors. This is a picture heavy post! (click on any of the pictures to see the postcards in detail)

The Group Shot

I thought about doing a couple of photos today, tomorrow and so on until I showed them all, but I've already been working on other projects to share, so here they are - all my postcards (and a few extras!)

The Addressees (finished the postcards with a kraft cardstock backing)

So true.
It's always the first steps that seem the hardest!

Love this quote.

Mini staples make the 'silver lining'

This one might just be my favorite...colors, texture, the quote.

Had been looking for a project to use this stamp on for awhile. Glad to have found one. If I hadn't needed to mail this, I would have left the flower whole (I was worried it would get ripped off in transit.)

I made a batch of these stamped, embossed butterflies on white cardstock & color with inks/shimmer/colorwashes when needed.

 LOVE LOVE LOVE this quote.

Picture definitely didn't do this one justice. The shimmer and color
are so much more rich and vibrant IRL.

This one spoke to me. Almost kept it!
Thinking I will recreate something similar on canvas.

The heart is crinkled and ironed vellum...the heat caused the raised (crinkled) parts of the vellum to melt and puff, when it cooled and settled it was almost like embossing.

This was an extra background. Loved the 'fire' in this one.

Another extra. Was playing around with a few more techniques. Fun colors!

Now that I have a better idea what the Post Office is willing to accept, I'll be more daring in next year's swap! I hope they all arrived a little travel worn, but still in intact!

Inky hugs,