Monday, November 12, 2007

Happy Anniversary Jesse & Angi!

Jesse and I have been married for 16 years. Hard to believe - the time has flown by so fast! We are celebrating in our usual fashion...separated by an ocean (or desert...), emails and text messages. Here's the (very) abridged version of our story.

It all began in middle school - Jesse was in my 7th grade science class (Hi, Mrs. Allen!) He was seated at a table in the back and usually attracting the attention of the teacher... : ) At the time he was just someone in my class. It wasn't until a friend of mine had a thing for him in high school that I really noticed him. I thought he was cute, but my friend liked him, so I didn't give him a second thought then.

We hung out with the same circle of friends, but not together. One day, my girlfriend and I went to BK and grabbed something to eat. While in the drive-thru line, she decided that she wanted to go to her boyfriend's house. No problem! I changed clothes in my car while we were waiting for our food and then off we went. Jesse was at the boyfriend's house hanging out. He was playing Nintendo, so I joined him.

We played and the rest, well, (ahem) is history (remember - history is as someone perceives it - Jesse could have a slightly different version...he beat me at Tetris sometimes...) we dated through highschool, had a baby, got married and have been busy ever since between kids and the military!

We've come a long way, Baby! In honor of our anniversary...spark some love, play Tetris! (The up arrow key turns the pieces.)