Wednesday, February 10, 2010

About Time...Take 2!

{ETA: Tried to use an old post as a template to speed things up...yeah...well, 1 1/2 hours didn't work the way I thought it would, so I had to reload and edit 2 posts tonight! So, if you are getting this one twice, please accept my apologies...and thanks for your patience!)
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Prime Time - {heart} this clock!

FOR TODAY 8 9 10 February (2 days late again!)

Outside my window...snow...just when I was thinking of soft green grass and reading in the backyard...the fluffy white stuff had to return. Not just a few flakes, but inches of the stuff!

I am thinking...I should be counting my blessings and not whining about the white stuff...umm...the kids have boots...and my studio is the warmest room in the house (in the summer, too!)...and I'm currently in possession of the one and only ice scraper...mwahahaha!

I am thankful for...see above...there are many other things I'm thankful for, too. I'm always thankful for hot chocolate with whipped cream, the chocolates stashed in my desk, and that today I remembered the clock I bought and stored in the closet months ago...

I am wearing...jeans (practically a given every day of fall & winter), purple lacy tank, all topped off with my CSU hoodie

I am remembering…a warm summer day, laying hidden on a blanket in the tall grass beside my mother. She was catching some rays and reading a book. Although, she didn't read to us much while we were young, (English was not her first language) she often read while we played around her.

From the kitchen...leftover Superbowl chili, fries (as in NOT baked!) and lots of cheese! Not really in a healthy food kind of mood...can you tell?

I am creating...yes siree! So many things to create, so little time!

(This is a peek of a card I had made. Details in another post.)

One of my favorite things…a hand don't realize how much tension is in your hands, until you let someone else work it out.

I am feel a little more in control of my life when I'm able to finish getting my planner together. I'm such a list person...

I am reading...and participating in A Year in the Life of an Art Journal. Can't say that I actually consider myself artsy...I do find that this kind of creative expression can be extremely freeing. Not to mention messy...translation: creative fun!

I am be able to live my life outloud sooner rather than later. Feeling extremely a bit stifled. Trying to work out frustrations within my creative sphere.

Around the house...clock hung in the studio (love it!), my computer is almost back together, studio has a floor (well, I can see it now! lol), making a list of future projects.

Some Good Things from this past week...
* Snow...okay, as much as I complained earlier, I really do adore the loveliness of slowly falling, fluffy flakes of crystalline goodness! Brings back memories of snowball fights, sledding, quads, good food, friends and family times.
* Catching up with friends.
* Superbowl food...yes, it really is about the food, well the food while you're watching the commercials! lol

A few plans for the rest of the week:
• bake sugar cookies
• start reading a book for pleasure
• post last month's swaps and finish this month's swaps

What have you been up to lately?


Monday, February 8, 2010

To be continued...

Isn't life supposed to slow down as you get older?

Certainly not finding this to be true! Working on a Simple Woman post, but I have a few appointments this morning to get to first then work. Sometime this evening I'll get it posted with a few pictures.

Talk to you soon!