Thursday, July 21, 2011

WOYWW #14 (111) Summer Blues

Miracles. That's what I need. How about you? A little more time, money, better health, more summer, less heat...not complaining (well, maybe a tiny bit) but as usual Life is happening around here. Lots of it. Broken bones, family illnesses, moving/not moving, vacations, working, creating, making stuff. Busy.

No recent posts or pictures since my camera lens was broken a few weeks ago. No one is taking the credit on this one! The camera accompanied a few to the Ren Fest and came home worse for the wear.

Oh well. No use crying over a dropped lens, right? (okay...I might have cried...a lot, but I'm over it now...sniff...really) Irony is that as I was surveying the damage I was thinking "Too bad I can't get a photo of this mess!"  

Can't have a WOYWW blog post without a few pictures, so here's my desk from...well, I'm not really sure...decorated with a fabulous vintage haul from a local thrift store. I think I paid about $3.00 for all of it.

Seam binding, rick rack, lace, buttons, fasteners...already finding their way onto creations of paper and paint.

Didn't realize how much I used my favorite memory recorder until it was gone. It's difficult to share what I'm working on, if I can't get a decent picture!


Trying to make do with the other lens. Not working so well, although I think the kids think it's amusing to see me straddling bar stools, climbing onto tables and chairs to take simple shots.

Hoping to get a new lens of some sort soon. Until then here's a quick memory before the Humpty Dumpty Incident...this silly picture was taken during an impromptu 'photo session' in the bathroom with the kids a few months ago. Me, them, dry erase markers and the camera.

I absolutely love letting the kids become the photographer. So do they.

Inky hugs,

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