Thursday, January 27, 2011

WOYWW #3 - It's All in the Details

Another week already? Just glad the last one has passed! Last week Little Man had a concussion and I was rear-ended in a parking lot. Thankfully, no one was seriously hurt in either incident. Both victims suffered a few bumps. lol

(If you're looking for the WOYWW pictures scroll down! What's WOYWW? Check it out HERE!)

I had just arrived at work when I received a call from the school nurse. She informed me that Little Man had had an accident on the playground before school. She had checked him and thought he was fine, so she sent him to class. Not long after his teacher sent him back to the nurse telling her that he was not himself. She asked me to pick him up.

When I arrived, he was not the Bonnie Boy that grandma had so aptly nicknamed. He seemed kind of woozy and complained of a headache. There were no bumps, just a small abrasion on his scalp. He didn't show any signs that seemed like red flags, so I figured a day of just hanging out might do the trick.

As the day progressed Little Man complained that his headache was getting worse and he still didn't seem quite right. I decided to pick up the girls and take him in just to be sure.

I did the usual and parked in the queue at the school in the parking lot. The kids had just gotten in the car when I noticed the guy behind me starting to back up. No problem. People leave the queue as they pick up their kids. Well, it wasn't a problem until I heard the crunch and my car rocked!

The guy got out of his car and came over to the window. I asked him how bad the damage was and he said, "It's really just a scratch."

I got out to see for myself. Uh...yeah, it's a little bit more than a scratch. We exchanged info and then I called my insurance company, completely clueless about what to do next. (Love the agents at USAA. Every agent I spoke to was helpful!)

Finally got to the hospital and the doc ordered a cat scan. Little Man was pretty content at this point watching Transformers while we waited. The medical staff was great! Little Man asked the tech that came to get him what a cat scan was and I heard her explaining what they were going to do as they wheeled him out the door.

When Little Man came back he was super excited! After the scan, they allowed him to see all the pictures on the computer and explained to him what they told the doctor (and that he was fine)...and then they told him he could even get copies of the scans!

I'm thinking that those scans blown up as wall art would make great bedroom decor for a budding scientist...edited, of course, with some labels and definitions...

No pictures of the boy, but here's what the guy that hit me said was a bit of a scratch...

Hmmm...I'm no expert, but that didn't look like a scratch!

Okay, enough about last's my desk this week. Working on a few things.

The flowers and lace are for some classes that I will be teaching at Simple Pleasures in the next few months. Stop by the store February 4th to see the samples!

The box was a great end of holiday find! Hobby Lobby was having a 90% off all Christmas sale, so I stopped by and found a great deal on these boxes! Originally 14.99...I picked up 12 boxes for just over the price of one! I'm thinking this will be a fall class. Maybe box and album...maybe Twilight themed? The box is resting on Tim Holtz's Foundations - great feet for anything with corners! The ideas are rolling...

Hoping to have some time to post pictures of actual finished projects soon...

This has been quite the if you're still reading you deserve another picture of the puppy!

Say hello to Lil' Dude and Box of Rocks (names have been changed to protect the innocent...) Doesn't Lil' Dude look like he's pouting? He probably is! He wouldn't stay still long enough to take a picture with Box of Rocks, so we had to snag him for a quick picture!

Happy hugs!


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

WOYWW #2 - Puppy Love

[Edited to add: Oops! Totally forgot to link What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday when I posted this morning!]

Happy Hump Day! It's another WOYWW and I've made it to the computer before I'm off and running for the day. Here's a quick picture of the left side of the workbench...still in progress, of course! 

And the newest addition to our family! He's not usually on my workbench, but he's So.Darn.Cute! A little camera shy? He's our Border Collie rescue. More on him another post...  :)

In this picture you can see my Ikea buckets, rails and wooden drawers. Love these. Actually picked them up a few years ago in Germany and have used, repurposed and used again. I hear that the Ikea in Denver is supposed to open this fall...fingers crossed! Hoping they carry the fabric, too!

By the way, a few of you have commented on my ribbon rack shelves...Simple Pleasures, (SP) our favorite LSS, has a few ribbon racks in the clearance section, if you hurry! Just cut a piece of wood to fit them, sand, paint and ta-da! Lovely, functional shelves! Thanks, again to tBG!

This picture below is of my original desk (put together from parts from Ikea...). I still use this one. It has the remnants of my SP Card Club (swap.) covering it. Hope to get a picture of the card soon.

Will have more details later. Gotta run! I can't wait to stop by this evening and see everyone's WOYWW!

Happy Hugs,

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

WOYWW (or what's NOT!)

Wow. We are almost 1/2 way through January...can't believe how fast the time goes by! In case you were wondering...I'm still working the reverb#10 posts, just in my own time. Have had a few changes that have impacted my days and wasn't able to take the time to keep up in December.

For Christmas, my dear sweet hubby (aka the Big Guy) designed and built me my very own workbench! Not only that - we moved my entire craft room to another location in the house...the main area is about the same size, but now all of my crafting areas are within working distance! Sewing, painting...looking to add soldering to my skill set soon! The work top is a single sheet of galvanized steel. LOVE THIS!

I've been spending time every day reorganizing my craft tools and supplies while trying to work on some projects. To that end, I've been spending a little (ahem) bit of time searching the internet for some inspiration and came across this post HERE...which lead me to this post HERE!

I love to peek into other crafter's work spaces to see where their creativity takes shape! Here's a quick picture - it's current! (Found the WOYWW, took a picture and here we are!) This is about 2/3 of the bench. It will definitely be changing in the next couple of weeks!

The workbench 'came' with 2 Ottlites and extra shelves! :)  The shelves are actual ribbon racks that the Big Guy (tBG) added shelves to hold my mists, color washes, dip pens...well, you can check out the picture yourself!

I've got to run, so more pictures next Wednesday! Not sure if the pegboard configuration will stay the same...we'll see you next WOYWW!