Wednesday, January 12, 2011

WOYWW (or what's NOT!)

Wow. We are almost 1/2 way through January...can't believe how fast the time goes by! In case you were wondering...I'm still working the reverb#10 posts, just in my own time. Have had a few changes that have impacted my days and wasn't able to take the time to keep up in December.

For Christmas, my dear sweet hubby (aka the Big Guy) designed and built me my very own workbench! Not only that - we moved my entire craft room to another location in the house...the main area is about the same size, but now all of my crafting areas are within working distance! Sewing, painting...looking to add soldering to my skill set soon! The work top is a single sheet of galvanized steel. LOVE THIS!

I've been spending time every day reorganizing my craft tools and supplies while trying to work on some projects. To that end, I've been spending a little (ahem) bit of time searching the internet for some inspiration and came across this post HERE...which lead me to this post HERE!

I love to peek into other crafter's work spaces to see where their creativity takes shape! Here's a quick picture - it's current! (Found the WOYWW, took a picture and here we are!) This is about 2/3 of the bench. It will definitely be changing in the next couple of weeks!

The workbench 'came' with 2 Ottlites and extra shelves! :)  The shelves are actual ribbon racks that the Big Guy (tBG) added shelves to hold my mists, color washes, dip pens...well, you can check out the picture yourself!

I've got to run, so more pictures next Wednesday! Not sure if the pegboard configuration will stay the same...we'll see you next WOYWW!



  1. Gosh how lucky are you, that is one heck of a workdesk and I just love those shelves can't wait to see the rest of it xx

    Suzilou #136

  2. You sure have a wonderful hubby to make something so grand for you! It looks fabulous! Enjoy your new space. Thanks for the snoop. Happyt WOYWW! #11

  3. love the shelves I have pegboard but never saw shelves for them. I may have to go looking as this looks a lot more versatile than putting things in front of the board

  4. Thanks for stopping by Angi! Love your workspace - looks really well organised. In answer to your question about the silver thing to the right of my desk, it's a jeweller's vice, or helping hands. As you're looking to add soldering to your skill set, you might find it useful to acquire one, as it will hold something you want to solder while you have the iron in one hand and your solder wire in the other! If you go back to my previous WOYWW post, you'll see a better pic of it! Happy WOYWWing!

  5. Good idea to consolidate your work into one space, or series of spaces close together. What an enormous tub of Gesso...good way to buy it. You may need to do your soldering in an airy space such as a garage!!
    Have fun!!
    Sue xx 67

  6. Love your awesomely designed workspace...

    Thanks so much for the peek and sharing. Hugs, Marjo #22. Happy WOYWW

  7. One word when I seen your new lovely storage wall...WOW! Where did you find those cool ribbon racks, I love them! I just had to show hubby give him a little,!

    Thanks for the peek and Happy WOYWW! :D


  8. Nothing like a new space to get mr. Mojo going. Enjoy!
    Tertia 88

  9. Wow love you new space looking forward to seeing the rest of it - great storage ~ Nicky 45

  10. WOW love your work bench. How does the steel sheeting hold up to the chemicals and stuff we use? I think I may have to look into the investment! Thanks for sharing.

  11. One more WOW from me! Your working place looks Great!
    Thanks for visiting my blog :)
    Have a nice weekend!

  12. I LOVE IT! Where did you find those shelves...I've been looking for that exact thing and haven't found them anywhere. Can't wait to see your creations! Happy Sunday!


  13. Wow the new storage space is fantastic wish I had one. I bet it will be great being able to see a spray of colour crafting goodness

  14. Welcome to WOYWW and wow! How marvellous of tBG. I bet the pegboard configuration is different every week for a while yet - always takes time to embed in a new space - and it's a great one too!


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