Monday, November 29, 2010

Happy Mail!

has been one of
Those Days.

Passed the time
Making space.

Needed a lift.
Checked the mail
and there it was.

Padded envelope
Fun goodies
Bright colors
Happy Mail!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Hello? Anyone out there?

Thank Goodness I don't feel any guilt, whatsoever, when I don't post anything for over 2 months after I tell you that I'm in the process of posting more! (watch out for the slight drip of sarcasm in that sentence!)

Poor blog. So neglected. Sigh. I've gotten so caught up with work and getting bogged down with all kinds of things lately...homework, technology glitches, people...just stuff. I've not been playing much and I have been feeling the lack of creativity or more accurately the lack of creative time. I'm always thinking of fun things to do!

Remember the game telephone? It's not always funny.

Had a family scare a few weeks ago. Received a call from my brother one day (who had received a call from my grandfather, who had received a call from my stepmom...see where this is going?) that my dad was in the hospital where he had some kind of surgery, something to do with his pancreas. In normal circumstances, that would be concern enough, but my dad was in the Middle East, a.k.a. The Sandbox, pending the end of his deployment in just a few days, stationed where there were no actual hospitals, and your pancreas...that's um...kind of necessary.

Did I mention I was at work? So, I dialed The Big Guy (TBG) and called in a favor...asked him to call my stepmom and find out what was going on. Well, she didn't know much more, but thankfully TBG knew how to dig up the right info and the right people to get to the real stuff!

Ring, ring! (Do telephones even do that anymore?!) It was my dad. It wasn't his pancreas and yep, he was in a hospital of sorts...a nearby troop clinic. He'd actually had an appendectomy. What a relief! He was on the mend and on schedule to return home. Thank  Goodness for cell phones! I can't imagine having to wait days instead of less than an hour to find out if my dad was okay.

There are times I absolutely love my gadgets, catching up with friends and family online, my pseudo lifeline to all things vicarious. Then there are the days that I long for handwritten letters, evening visits from the neighbors on the porch and time spent in the company of those I miss and love. November always seems to invite those kinds of experiences. Something about the turning of the seasons, the fall holiday stretch...of course the aromas and memories...reliving the happy moments and planning this year's.

Don't remember if I have already shared this card...

Hug the ones you love!