Thursday, May 5, 2011

WOYWW #11 (100) - The Aftermath

On the desk there are remnants of April's card exchange at work, leftovers from my card class 2 weeks ago, bits and pieces of my planner pages, parts for my upcoming class at Simple Pleasures... There is quite a lot of creative herstory (yes, I know I spelled 'her' story...well, it is what it is, right?) over my desks and tables.

It has been a crazy couple of weeks. Really month. Lots of deadlines. Kids, work, school...most of my creative time has been scheduled, late at night with very little time for clean up in between.

I'm barely making WOYWW tonight. I'm just determined to stay on track here and make it to the 104th edition: 2nd Anniversary! So looking forward to participating in the PIF... (click HERE to see What's On Your Work desk Wednesday is about and leave Julia a 'hello!' when you do!) And, of course, continuing as long as Julia does.

Last week I was able to post, but never got around to commenting or even replying to the comments on my post! Remedying that this evening and tomorrow evening. (Thank you, if you commented last week...I didn't forget and appreciated you taking the time to let me know you stopped by! See you soon...)

I better get back to those chores...the laundry mountain needs tending to (it's clean - thank Goodness!) but wanted to share a little bit of fun (don't want you to think my life has been one drudgery after another...) Here's one of the cards - it's a shaped easel card. It's only a little over 4" in diameter.

She's a little reminder that sometimes things are not what they seem...hoping for brighter (and warmer!) days.

Inky hugs,

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