Thursday, October 25, 2012

WOYWW #26 (177) - A Mess & A Card

Gasp! It's been 4 months since I've posted a What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday...I had to do a search to find my last WOYWW pictures! (It was a good one...Anniversary ATC reveal.) I have missed  visiting Miss Julia Dunnit in all her queenly craftiness...and those that follow her. Sigh. Be sure to visit the WOYWW posts for a lovely adventure into crafty spaces. (You know you can't just visit one!)

Lately, the time I've had in the studio has been late at night, working mostly on design team projects. As soon as the project's done it's time to take pictures, edit, write the post, then sleep, get up and go to work the next morning. Not a lot of time lately to clean up...proof in the pictures:

The good news is that I'm still making stuff.

Thanks to my sweet hubby who takes care of dinner on those nights (sometimes with help from the awesome kiddos that reside here!)

Tomorrow "clean flat surfaces in the studio" is a priority!

I'm looking forward to reorganizing. The weather has turned cold and I'm feeling the need to clear space for holiday projects!

Here's a card that came from the mess that I created for the Card Makin' Mamas Challenge Blog...

The front of the pop up card.
 The bat is embossed. Love that Smash tape.

Sigh. Yes, the pop up is a little crooked. Another late night project/photo/edit. Didn't catch it in this photo. Obviously.

Close up of the clear embossed bat.

More Smash tape. It makes me happy.

This is Digital Delights Vampire Pippin. A not crooked pop up. The cobwebs are clear embossed, too.

It's 2300. That's 11:30pm. Time for me to get to the sleep portion of my day!

Thanks so much for stopping by.

Inky hugs,


  1. Oh how cute is that little bat! I love it! Welcome back to WOYWW! Happy WOYWW! Karen T 140 x

  2. what a busy craft space love the cards and the cute little bat .. the embossing is fab have a great week #99

  3. I love your pegboard. My last 2 homes I had pegboard and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it for keeping everything within easy reach. Our home now and the one we are rehabbing will not have the space for it. boo hoo. Your desk looks like heaven to me. I don't have a lot of flat surface so I'm always piling up.
    LisaDV #164

  4. What a cute but spooky card...Lots of details and fancy hidden bits...Love it...

  5. Sure, your desk is a bit cluttered, but I can see the signs of order and organization behind the accumulation -- a sign that it may actually be possible to clean! Good luck with your horizontal surfaces.

  6. 2330 you mean!! Late enough for sure. It's nice to see you back...funny how life gets hold of you and you don't have time to turn around! Have fun clearing you'll be inspired and ready to untidy all over again! great card, can't beat a pop up!

    1. LOL That's right, Julia! I must have been more tired than I thought!

  7. Welcome back ....Love that card ...even more now that I have my glasses on fisrt glance I thoought it was a mole lol...then the glasses revealed your cute vampire xx#79

  8. Love your card, love pop ups, haven't done one since....May?!
    Mess??? No...I think I'm worse...I'm now finding it hard to get in and out of my craft room...Have a crafty week! HaPpY Late WOYwW!
    ((Lyn)) #25


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