Wednesday, January 19, 2011

WOYWW #2 - Puppy Love

[Edited to add: Oops! Totally forgot to link What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday when I posted this morning!]

Happy Hump Day! It's another WOYWW and I've made it to the computer before I'm off and running for the day. Here's a quick picture of the left side of the workbench...still in progress, of course! 

And the newest addition to our family! He's not usually on my workbench, but he's So.Darn.Cute! A little camera shy? He's our Border Collie rescue. More on him another post...  :)

In this picture you can see my Ikea buckets, rails and wooden drawers. Love these. Actually picked them up a few years ago in Germany and have used, repurposed and used again. I hear that the Ikea in Denver is supposed to open this fall...fingers crossed! Hoping they carry the fabric, too!

By the way, a few of you have commented on my ribbon rack shelves...Simple Pleasures, (SP) our favorite LSS, has a few ribbon racks in the clearance section, if you hurry! Just cut a piece of wood to fit them, sand, paint and ta-da! Lovely, functional shelves! Thanks, again to tBG!

This picture below is of my original desk (put together from parts from Ikea...). I still use this one. It has the remnants of my SP Card Club (swap.) covering it. Hope to get a picture of the card soon.

Will have more details later. Gotta run! I can't wait to stop by this evening and see everyone's WOYWW!

Happy Hugs,


  1. Oh, how cute little puppy!
    I have those Ikea drawers, too, and I like them very much! I have 24 small drawers and I never do remember what is where - it´s like a Christmas calendar throughout the year :D

  2. Great looking desk with all the cute buckets and drawers. You're pretty organized- wish i could say the same about me! I'm the opposite! Glad you made WOYWW! Patsy from

  3. Love those little wooden drawers. Your little puppy looks very sweet and cuddly.


  4. OOOhhh he is so cute didn't notice anything else because he is gorgeous.
    Sandra #66

  5. Awww your puppy is so cute!

    Lovely, busy-looking desk and I love all your storage ideas.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Ali #74

  6. Your workspace looks really interesting!

  7. Your pup is so cute, amd the perfect addition to a craft desk. I am sure he will help you so much.

  8. Way way too cute for a boy.
    Love his markings.
    Mrs A #92

  9. Wonderful storage bins. Love your new puppy, he is too cute!

    Thanks for the peek and sharing, hugs Marjo #10. Happy WOYWW

  10. Don't our Swedish friends come up with some great kitchen ideas that can be adapted to our crafting world? Love your work area but must admit your little puppy gives it a lot of appeal. he is so cute! #27

  11. No, no, let's have more of him now...he is beautiful and lucky to have found you. I like your desk but I love him more!!!
    Sue xx 67

  12. Cant wait to hear more about your rescue doggie ...wish I had an IKea near us .... miss being able to just pop over to one....your area looks so organized

  13. Nice desk. Great creative space. I will have to look for those buckets and rails the next time I make it to Ikea.

  14. Cute puppy - you will now need to feature him each week so we can see how he grows - love your desk with all the baskets and storage ~ Nicky 24

  15. Awwwwwwwwww - cute puppy!!! Lovely desk too, but then you knew that!

  16. Love your desk. So much happening there.
    The puppy is too cute for words.
    Tertia 110


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