Thursday, April 22, 2010

Wanted: Corvette Z06 3LZ in Crystal Red Metallic...can pick up today!

Happy Earth Day!

Budding tree in my yard (one of my Week in the Life pictures)

Nope, can't say that I am really into celebrating holidays just because...and this one, mainly, because I like to think that I celebrate the Earth every day.

We recycle, reuse and reduce. Ask my kids.

They'll tell you 50 things you can do with an empty gallon jug, and how to crush it with your bare feet to make it fit into the recycle bin, if you absolutely cannot use one more!

I have cabinets full of boxes, cans, plastic containers, frames, old books...anything that I think I can alter and remake into something lovelier than it's original mundane facade.

I would love to post some pictures of stuff I've altered, but alas, I am working on the recycle and reduce portion, so here is a card (gotta have more than one picture to go with the post, right?!)

I had given a sneak peek of it in February (in this post: ) This was made for my sweet cousin and her family.

(At the time I didn't have any matching ribbon - can you imagine?! If I had it would have gone at the bottom of the flower panel...I have since remedied the situation!)

Recently, I joined up with the local Freecycle group. I have mixed feelings.

It's a pretty simple concept:
1. You have something you want to get rid of...for free.
2. You post an OFFER: please come get it!
3. Someone responds and picks it up.

Done. You are a bit lighter in the stuff department.

Except that a majority of the posts that I've received lately are WANTED: i.e. I want a car for free.

About a week ago, I saw a Wanted for a used vehicle. Really? Do people just have that extra car just sitting around and then give it away to the first person that asks? Apparently it's gotten so that the moderators felt a need to post saying that Freecycle is not a wish list.

Hmm...since it didn't say OFFER: Free Corvette, I'm not sure that anyone read it.

What did you do today in honor of Earth Day?


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