Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Warning! A few Peeps were melted and eaten during the writing of this post!

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FOR TODAY April 20, 2010
This past week has just flown by! I can't believe it's Tuesday already. Well, let's keep moving...

How to eat Peeps...this is the BEFORE picture.
The AFTER is, naturally, at the end!
I am wearing...jeans (surprised?), a green fitted t-shirt with shiny pink stuff. (Hmmm...maybe some inspiration to use my silhouette to design my own shirts...with bling, of course!)

Outside my window...maybe my lamenting tweet was heard yesterday. We have blue skies and warm, gorgeous sun!

I am thinking…that maybe I shouldn't have eaten the tuna salad for breakfast...better grab some mints!
I am thankful for...cinnamon toothpaste, blueberry pomegranate grape juice, (yep, another food item! I just figure if we have to do this eating thing, it should be good for you and delicious! And I am very thankful for the delish part!)...

and that every day I get to wake up and start over, try again, and make this day a good one!
I am remembering…going out to the garden with my mother. Seeing her in the dirt pulling weeds, calling us over to show us, to teach us about the goodness of the earth.

From the kitchen...made a lemon glazed 7up pound cake. Didn't actually glaze it - it was so good without it! Will post the recipe on Friday!

Still wanting to get back into the habit of planning weekly menus. Driving me crazy when I want to make somehthing, but I don't have everything I need. Still working to build up the pantry. Bought 25lbs. of bread flour...looking forward to making pizza tomorrow night! (We make a lot of pizza!)

I am creating...cards. Planning to play with my Silhouette and get to know it better. Weeding out the retiring SU! Colors and planning an open house to meet my neighbors and craft!

One of my favorite things…family time. I LOVE playing outdoors with the kids. I'm the mom that's climbing over the playground equipment, sliding down the slides, and playing follow the leader around the park. Mommy Monster is pretty fun, too! Can't wait to take them white water rafting this summer! Woohoo! Anyone in the Colorado area? Any place you'd recommend?

I am going...forward. Taking the time to consider my needs and those closest to me. Looking forward to a more purposeful living.

I am reading...nothing, yet. Looking for some time to make it over to the library...to make my monthly contribution and find something new!

I am hoping...to help those around me feel loved, appreciated and uplifted. Feeling so positive!

Around the house...well, it wasn't crocuses, but more day lilies! Ugh. Not sure what I want to do with my small patch of dirt and the mini roses and day lilies. I really prefer fragrant flowers and would love a butterfly garden, but haven't had a chance to stop by a local nursery to ask some questions...on the to do list!

The AFTER picture.
Poor peep.


I'm not sure what's up with my kids and microwaving food. They microwave peeps, cheese (just cheese...I like this one!), fiber bars...no joke.

Some Good Things from this past week...
* organized the desk (didn't take long for it to look lived in though!)
* salads...I love spring/summer food!
* pictures of my cousin's new baby boy!

A few plans for the rest of the week:
• Grill shopping...gotta get ready for BBQs!
• Daring Bakers' Challenge will be posted next week!
• Putting together plans to make a headboard for my bed...yep DIY!

What have you been up to lately?



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