Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Silver & Cream

FOR TODAY March 22, 23, 24, 25 & 26…. April 2, 2010…uh…today is the 6th.

Started this post on Sunday, March 21. Okay, copied the template and started typing. Didn’t get very far the first day, or the second…for that matter or the third or fourth! Each day I’d fill in a section and figured I’d leave what I had already wrote. Newer thoughts added in here and there. This week’s post is truly a compilation of my thoughts from these past weeks.

Silver Lining
made by J. & G.
(yes, that's chicken wire!)

'Silver Lining' is a frame that I picked up in a thrift store in Europe and dragged back with me to the states! I got it for a couple of bucks and just knew what it was going to be. Of course, I never found the time to give it a make over...but lucky girl that I am, J. and G. finished it for me as a belated birthday gift! I use the SU! Mini Library Clips to hang up whatever inspires me at the moment.

I am wearing...jeans, a pink fitted t-shirt and black hoodie. (I did change my clothes every day…lol)

Outside my window...swirling wind, icy snow, frosted windows…umm…awesome snow storm! (sunshine, blue skies and balmy…such fickle weather here! And now we’ve got clear skies and cold days…sigh)

I am thinking…that I shouldn’t have waited until 10pm to make cookie dough truffles. Usually the job of cleaning out the bowl goes to the kids, but they’re asleep and so that leaves me typing out this post with the cookie dough spatula in my mouth and the (very dirty) bowl in my lap! (They were good, but not great. Think I’ll look for another recipe…got one? Send me the link…or the recipe…or the truffles! )

I am thankful for...men and women in the sphere of my life that don’t wait for an invitation to step up and offer a helping hand.

people that do the right thing, just because it’s the right thing to do.

people that don’t take advantage of others when they are vulnerable, but help to strengthen and build them up.

people that give more than they take…

I am thankful for the good people in my life.

I am remembering…

Who I was.

Who I am.

The woman I want to be.

Ever evolving.

 Working towards a better self to be a better partner, mom, sister, and friend.

From the kitchen...meatball hoagies - smeared some olive oil on the rolls and popped them in the toaster…mmm…layers of romano, marinara and mozzarella, sprinkled with crushed red pepper. Worry about the toaster later. Lazy evening – thought about fried potatoes and a spinach salad, went with Kettle Cooked chips instead.

(Food didn’t get any more complicated this week!...or the week after. I had unintentionally bought a huge bag of Spinach (note to self: next time specify which size bag of spinach the child is supposed to pick up) so I have been looking for spinach recipes. So far, we’ve had lots of salad and Spinach Pesto - look for a recipe post on Friday!)

I am creating...time to create. Feels like lately I have to schedule everything…time with loved ones, time for the house, time for me…if I don’t it just won’t happen.

One of my favorite things… for now it’s Strawberry Limeade and Happy Hour at Sonic...what can I say? Addicted to sugar, ice and fruit! (Is my favorite thing usually a food item? lol The kids and I started making our own fruit slushes! Love the ‘ice crush’ button on my blender!)

This one didn't make it into the slush mix...and yes, I'm eating whipped cream topped strawberries at my desk...the simple pleasures in life!

I am going...don’t know. Been feeling a bit like Alice on the road with the Cheshire Cat. (Been contemplating “Live Your Passion”. Feeling the need to be creative, but in what arenas?)

I am reading...Piers Anthony…one of my fave authors when I was a teen. This series is an easy read and punny, too! (Warming up for a reread of WoT. Finally signed up at the local library. They have late fees. Hmmm…I support libraries. Usually monthly. haha)

I am hoping...to get my work flow mojo a movin’. There are so many projects in the craft room, around the house, the yard, with the family…etc. that I’m having a hard time prioritizing what to do first, second and so on. (Of course, family is always first!) Need to find a clipboard for the list!

Around the house...plants, flowers and more plants. The last owners planted lots of mini rose bushes and day lilies in front of the house. During the fall we brutally pruned the bushes (they were so overgrown!) and pulled most of the lilies. Something’s growing in the beds. I suspect they are crocuses, but only time will tell!

Some Good Things from this past week...

* visits from K.
* comfort food…curry, kimchi, chocolates (not together!)
* my new inspiration frame – it’s a masterpiece! (Thank you J. and G.!)
* photo booth love!

A few plans for the rest of the week:

• make my Daring Cooks recipe and set up the post with pictures (on the schedule for tomorrow. Ingredients already bought, recipe printed…watch for this post on XXX. Will be working on the Daring Baker’s challenge next!)
• organize my desk (took a break from this one to work on this post.)
• get my sewing area set up and start some projects! (the sewing area is now a work in progress…meaning the desk and sewing machine are set up…now where did I put the bobbins?!)

(Think I’m feeling a little Spring Cleaning coming on…)

What have you been up to lately?



  1. Hi Angie - so glad that you left a tag so that I can return the visit. I LOVED your post! Love the way you word things. Your 'I am remembering' was so neat. Had to laugh at the word picture of cookie dough spatula in your mouth & dirty bowl on your lap! :-) There is 'so' much that I want to comment on, but it would be a post in itself. Can't wait to read more. I will sign this with my google blog - but would love for you to drop by my everyday blog too. It's http://homespunblessings.net/Gratefulheartblog.html - Sending big hugs!

  2. Stopped in to check out your chefs challenge post. My ex was always the cook and now that I have the luxury to be at home, I am expanding my horizons. How funny the day I check this out I have also made stew in the slow cooker. Spoons probably stood up, not so yummy looking as yours. But then to read about the Piers Anthony and kimchi and I craved Cherry Limeades for so many years when we were in WI. Just want to say miss ya, Angi.


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