Thursday, November 6, 2008

Little Stinker

Just a quick post...

I tasked the kids with dinner tonight while I finished up my last assignment...we're having garlic bread (K.) and rotini (G.) - with or without sauce - your choice with a side of buttery corn (J)! Yummy chocolate milk (E.) to wash it all down! Hungry? :)

just submitted my last bio assignment - Yay! Took my math final exam this afternoon and needed some fun! Out came the stamps and a 3x3 card was made! Okay gotta tell me dinner is ready and Dancing with the Stars is on!


  1. Love the post. What does comment spam look like? I never get it.

  2. Love the card. I wish my kids were old enough to make the dinner. Sigh.

  3. SO cute! I love that the little skunk is a squirrel and how you put him in the circle. Adorable. :O)


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