Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Boots Friday

(Dad STOP reading! Birthday spoiler ahead…of course, if you’ve gotten your card, read on…)

Had a wonderful Thanksgiving! We had friends over and did the usual – chat, catch up, eat, chat, eat, play games while eating divine rolls that K. and G. made – yes, I have girls that can bake a lovely, fluffy, but lightly crusty sweet roll…mmmm. Even better…they made 2 more batches today!

Every year I buy the turkey days ahead. Every year the turkey sits in the fridge. Every year the turkey is still frozen on Thanksgiving morning! Of course, Jess and I argue over when to buy the turkey and every year he is right. I think he lets me buy the turkey just so he can hear me say that I should have bought it earlier - justifying the 'uh-huh' that he gives me when I say it. I guess we all have to be right some time...heehee! I am so blessed on Turkey Day...Jess and all of my kids pitch in and as the kids have gotten older, I have had to do less cooking. They all look forward to helping out.

The day after was not the usual sleep in and hang out with the family time for me.

I know. I said I wouldn’t do it. But I did. And right now, I’m glad I did it - I got a job! Today was official day #1 – yeah…Black Friday was my first day…a lot to learn, but not difficult. Not even too busy today. I will have to get a good pair of walking shoes, though. Policy dress standard says no blue jeans, no tennis shoes. 5 hours in boots. With a 3 inch heel. What was I thinking?! The black boots did go with the luscious purple shirt I was wearing and they are the only pair of black shoes I had that weren’t open-toed and that worked with the khakis that are 2 inches too long (see 3 inch boots help with 2 inches of pant length…really.)

It was kind of on a whim…I had been considering getting a job, but didn’t think I’d find one that fit into my family schedule. I put in an application, specified some hours and got hired. Just like that. Of course, it’s not the dream job, but so far the hours aren’t bad and the supervisor seems to be working with me on my ‘no Sundays’ preference.

Haven’t had much time to craft, but I did get a birthday card for my dad finished and in the mail. Hopefully, he’s gotten it by now! If not, Happy Belated Birthday, Dad!


  1. So WHERE and WHAT is this job? Good for you.

  2. Isn't it kind of funny the things we can now choose to do with our time! :) I honestly think I'm still waiting to here a demand on my time if I plan something during the day!
    And a VERY cute card...

  3. Cute owl card! Where did you get a job at?


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