Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Paris Photos Pronto! Not...

(ETA 12/04/2011: Slide.com will no longer be available after March 2012, so I've updated this post with a slideshow via Photobucket. Not as nice, but you still get to see the fun!)

Here are some photos from our Paris trip.

Oh.my.gosh. Finally got the pictures downloaded to the computer, uploaded to Photobucket and was almost finished with the slideshow 1.5 hours later and the power went out! So, now that it's finally back up, here's the abbreviated slideshow. We didn't take a lot of "Paris" photos, mostly family trip photos - those you'll look back on and say, "Oh, yeah! Do you remember this?!" and then a story follows. We let the kids have the cameras (yep...we had 4!) so a lot of the photos are "what's this? who took this photo? thank goodness it's digital!"

I was a little anxious about traveling all over Paris on foot, via the Metro with kids. We just planned it with the kids in mind and were able to really enjoy the family time! I'll get this posted and then tell about the weekend.

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  1. I know how loading up the pictures and all can be such a daunting task! I love my GPS too. How did anyone do it without one?! And I think if people want to see pictures of the sites they can just look it up on the web and in the travel books, but I like the personal ones with the family too!


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