Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Help, I've Fallen!

Okay, not really, but life has been a blur this last week. I think we are finally getting settled into our school routine for this year. Knock on wood. (oh. wait! the desk is sawdust and glue...does that count?! I'm doomed!)

Doctor appointments, dental appointments...Evelyn had both of her's - only have to redo a couple of sealants. Whew! I was worried. She's the only one of my kids to have a cavity before she started school! I blame the non-fluoridated couldn't be because we traveled with sippy cups full of juicy juice...or that toddler + long car ride x naps (with mouth full of teeth covered in sticky substance!)=cavity... The rest of the kids go next week...

Mine was today - 15 minutes, once I was in, and a soon to be scheduled appointment for sealant on a wear spot on my tooth. Mmm. Hate that blue light and the tech always seems to get that stuff they paint on the teeth on my gums...I mean c'mon! My mouth isn't that small -- ask my husband! ha.

Speaking of...he's in Arizona. Where it's warm. Where there's a Target. A Michael's. Fast food. SUPER-sized Wendy's Frosties...uh huh. I like ice cream in winter. It lasts longer - hello!

Okay, enough of the rambling! I do have a few cards that my lovely children have made and I will proudly share when I get around to uploading those pictures tonight. And no, I didn't forget the Paris pics. They are now on my computer. Trying to decide where to upload them to: Picasa or Photobucket for a slide show...any suggestions?


  1. You are so funny. I can hear you talking in my head while I read.
    You can do and then they can be posted on your blog or you can list your link to and we can view it there. You can even join as a member to your slides and get notified when new ones are posted.

  2. My comments are getting lost in cyper space! Trying again! LOL!
    So you are a Stampin Up Lady! We need to talk and I want to order a few things. Don't know why, I guess to add to my collection so that I'll have more stuff to move later! LOL!
    Exctied to see the Paris pics also!

  3. I know about the dentist and glad you didn't have worse news (I always do!--I have the worst teeth). And you are making me miss the states...stop, please stop...


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