Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Good Morning!

This picture was taken at the end of the first day of school for K, J, and G. 'mom said you better smile!'

(I LOVE musicals...when I sat down at my computer this morning, a song from Singing in the Rain was playing in my head...click the title of this blog and see how I feel today!)

I'm back! Finally getting over the strep throat and the bronchitis. Yep, you read that right! I spent part of my Paris trip and my first week of school - with no kids at home - sick!

Last week Jess was in the Netherlands and I was so busy with the kids and fighting total exhaustion, I really didn't even get to contemplate that I'm moving into another season of my life! Then this weekend (after the antibiotics kicked in) I was sitting in the MAD (Mom and Dad) room with Jess and it hit me - I had missed my kids while they were gone to school!

The usually noisy house was silent.
No one interrupting me asking "When are we going to eat?!"
No one sitting in my lap while I typed.
No one to play video games with.
No one to color with.

Thank Goodness I got over that, too! :]

So, this morning I got the kids out of the house and (barely!) onto the school bus, then as I was driving up the hill, I started getting this giddy feeling and I felt this smile break over my face...

I'm home alone!!!

No dirty dishes on the table.
If I clean a mess, it STAYS clean!
Uninterrupted computer time.
I don't have to take turns watching TV. heehee
No more unflushed toilets (at least during the day...I know...tmi (too much info), but see what I see?!)

Woohoo! I have to say that I am most excited about 2 things: the cleaner house and the fact that I will get some 'me' time every day without feeling guilty or as if I am taking it away from the kids or my husband. That has been the hardest part of being a mom of 4 and a wife of a military husband for me - not knowing how to balance it all. (I know for some of you gals, that you handle this better than I have...I've seen your house and kids! *wink, wink*) Me, I prefer an all or nothing approach - I struggle and work on this in all aspects of my life!

Almost 17 years later...I think I'm beginning to get the hang of it! haha! The kids are mostly independent and now gone for most of the day, so that helps a bit. I do like to stay busy and involved with my kids, so I'm already volunteering at the schools, the Landstuhl Library and other places.

All the kids are in school, Jesse is home for a few days, then off again, but for now...

Life is Good!
(We took over 600 photos while in Paris! Will post soon!)


  1. So sorry that you were so sick! But look at you now, what a kickin' stage in life, still have the kids at home but with a huge chunk of me time. I personally can't wait for this to happen to me!

  2. I totally love that picture of all the kids! I am glad you are feeling better. I just knew you would grow to love the free time...aren't you glad you didn't get a job now?!

  3. Hi Angela! I had to chuckle because that's EXACTLY how I felt with the kids being in school all day and me home alone. It's been nice these last few days having a house that stays clean and I can craft away and not feel guilty. I'm glad I didn't get a job afterall. :) We'll have to get together and stamp sometime!

  4. Hey, love the picture. I will miss having you around in Scouts. I liked you as the den leader!!! I am still scared to death, but forward ho....


  5. Sounds like life is sweet for you Angie!! I am so happy it sounds like fun and bliss and family all wrapped up in one great scrapbook page!! I had no idea you were so into it!! Well awesome I love finding the things that you love to do and girl you have found it! I sure miss Europe but I am definitely enjoying the life of familiarity.. we move into our abode next month!! I am super elated words cannot even describe!! So I will have to let you know what I'll do to decorate it.. that is my kind of bliss! Enjoy your day! I am glad you are feeling better!! tcheuss!

  6. "Becca at AmazingPaperGrace.com is Sharing the Comment Wealth and I picked you" Nancy Fair

  7. "Becca at AmazingPaperGrace.com is Sharing the Comment Wealth and I picked you"

    I totally relate to your post! We're on our last tour before retirement and I feel like I'm just now getting the hang of it all. We were in Stuttgart for 5 years... I bet you are so looking forward to the Christmas Markets and the wonderful craft fairs on all the bases!! I miss those!
    hugs, Jami

  8. Hey Angi,

    "Becca at AmazingPaperGrace.com is Sharing the Comment Wealth and I picked you"
    (Actually I picked you first and then I saw her current post about blog candy!! - Isn't God great at coincidence??)
    I was thinking about starting my own blog but you seem to have written it already! I really relate to the whole singin in the rain thing. I've been singing the Good Morning song to my cats every morning for way to long (I even tried rewriting the lyrics into French but somehow it just isn't the same). Once I got that song in my head over 30 years ago its never left (See what you have to look forward to:)). And...at least your children GO to school. My little furfaces attend the school of L.I.F.E. and never leave home(well..except for when home moved that is).

    I'm so glad I found your comment on Becca's Amazing Paper Grace blog - Becca is amazing the way she comes up for new uses of tools and material and is directly responsible for many a night spent trying to recreate her designs instead of sleeping(and no it wasn't only for the Blog Candy - I find great blogs by trolling the comments).

    I'm a newbie Stampin' Up! demo myself so perhaps we have crossed paths on Stampin Discuss? If you are ever in Southern Oregon drop by and play anytime. My terrific Brother in law just put together a wonderful Stamping Studio for me and I'm dying to share the fun. Any good tips for organization gratefully received. Blessings and Joy fill your days my sister demo - Jean Fitch

    PS: Did you ever read the Sidetracked Home Executives Books I think you are a natural!

  9. I am counting the days (hours? minutes?) until all three of mine are in school. Of course, by then we'll probably have number 4. ARGH.

  10. Glad you are feeling better. I get a taste of freedom from all of my kids every Monday and Friday and man do I look forward to it!


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