Thursday, August 7, 2008

Feed My Addiction!

Woohoo! Tuesday was my Paper Junkies Club! What is it? It’s where I get together with a few other women and craft, mostly paper crafting. Andrea Nigg is the Fabulous instructor (find her here! She has only begun her blogging journey!) and always comes up with the projects that we want to do. We meet for a block of about 3 hours and usually complete 2 different items (usually more than one of each of the projects!) In the past we have worked on altered Altoid-type tins, glass jars with rub ons, all kinds of technique cards and cards for fun, a stationery box and more! We send her the ideas (or she comes up with something) and she plans, prepares the class and then teaches us how to do it.

In case you didn’t know - I LOVE paper crafting, altering anything, painting, sewing, fiber crafts, whatever…and it really doesn’t matter if I’m good at it or not. Crafting’s my therapy and having a creative outlet is important to me. Making, creating, or altering something just for the pure joy of creating (and making a mess!) is what I have really been missing lately. It feels really good to even just make a card!

Today, we made waterfall cards and an explosion box (will share the box another time - after I finish it.) Despite the name, there are no waterfalls on my card! It’s actually the name of a type of interactive card. The lucky recipient pulls on a portion of the card and certain elements on the card flip over and reveal what lies beneath and eventually the final sentiment! Fun, fun!

I thought this would be a more time consuming card, but it’s not at all! Well, at least once you get your pictures/sentiment figured out, it’s a quick card to put together! (Sorry, the photos aren't great. Still learning how to use my photo editing software, but wanted to get these posted now!)

So, here’s the card front…

Pull the string…and flip!

Keep pulling…flip! And there it is!!!

Isn’t the owl a hoot! (sorry, couldn’t help myself…prone to bad puns!) And then there’s the little guy with the big eyes – isn’t he a cutie?!

Hmmm…couldn’t you just see this type of card with flitting butterflies? A belated birthday card using a turtle making its way across the card…you could also turn the card so the pull is on the bottom…falling drips of ice cream, tumbling cats (they always land on their feet!) and hey-why not?! Even falling water!

Did I mention that I (((heart))) all crafts paper?!


  1. Hey you! This is too cool to see your blog. I'm glad there are crafty people out there like you. I have absolutely 0 desire to craft, although I do enjoy painting. You do great work!

  2. Loved the post! Love to see the real works of art. You are just so crafty and I am glad your creative side is getting an outlet!


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