Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Blog Hopping - new widgets!

Okay. I admit it. I have a problem. I AM AN INTERNET JUNKIE. I can spend hours and hours and not even realize that the kids have been upstairs eating cereal and Nerds for dinner while watching the AFN Family channel all day! Bad mom!

Wow! Glad that's off my chest! Hehehe

That being said, today I was blog hopping and found a cool widget! Widget? That's the name for the fun little details on a website/blog like a visitor counter. (See mine?. Need more info check out this definition at the bottom of the page!) Supposedly, it's short for 'windows gadget.'

Anyway, with the Olympics going on and all, the kids and I have been scrambling to figure out what team is playing by the uniforms and the flags. Lo and behold! There's a game widget for world flags. How cool is that? IMO (in my opinion) pretty cool! The game shows you a flag and you have to click on the map where you think the capital is...try it out! It's at the bottom of my blog.

Have fun! Leave me a comment and tell me how well you did (or not!)

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  1. Hey Angi, I got the wiget and now know who is coming--ha ha. I am a spy, but everyone knows it.


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