Friday, July 25, 2014

Globecraft & Piccolo - DIY Glow in the Dark Galaxy Pendant

So many crafts, so little time...

It's a good thing you can make your very own Glow in the Dark Galaxy Pendant in less than an hour!

Here's what you'll need from the G&P shop:

optional items:

glow in the dark acrylic paint
old toothbrush or paint brush

This is unbelievably easy!

The basic technique is to sprinkle on small amounts of Enamel Powder and heat. Keep adding Enamel Powders while the surface is still warm, heat and repeat until the desired effect is achieved. Then cool completely and cover with your choice of finish.

It's always good to have a before and after picture of a craft, but it's GREAT to have pictures of the here you go! I've included what colors I used when and any tips I learned along the way.

Start by peeling the blue liner off of only one side of the acrylic charm. (Carefully use the tip of the tweezers to lift the edge of the liner.) This will keep the backside clean until you're done.

Cover the surface of the charm with the Enamel Powder Adhesive Fluid. Sprinkle on the Micro Black. Heat. While still warm, add more Micro Black. Heat. Repeat one more time. (The picture below is after the first layer was heated.)

Using a small scoop (Trimmed slurpee/slush straws are great for this!) add bits of Vintage Copper. Heat.

Add Deep Blue Sky. Heat.

Add Royal Sterling. Heat.

Add Micro White. Heat.

Add Poodle Skirt. Heat.

Add Deep Blue Sky. Heat.

Continue to add Enamel Powders until you love what you see. Heat. Let cool.

If you want the cool glow in the dark stars (is that really a question?!), dip the toothbrush bristles into the glow in the dark paint and run your fingernail across them to splatter 'stars' on the pendant Practice on a scrap of dark paper first, so you can see what the splatter pattern looks like. Let dry.

Finish by topping off with Enamel Powder Ultra Thick Clear, Glastique or Instant UV Resin.

It will be even better in person. Trust me.

Inky hugs,

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