Sunday, April 22, 2012

Chicken Soup - Kid Tested & Approved!

Just 'chicken in' here on the ole blog...with a recipe that's a bit overdue! I didn't think there would be much need for this one since Spring is in the air, but then the flu seems to be making a few rounds in our neighborhood.

I first mentioned the recipe HERE on this post and then designed a cute box to hold the recipe. You can see the box on this post on the Great Impressions Stamps blog.

This recipe is very adaptable (most of the recipes I share are!) and can be made vegetarian, vegan or for the carnivore in the family!

This recipe will fit nicely into a one pint container or a quart size ziploc bag. The original recipe can be found on all, submitted by KELLY in Sweden.

I basically followed the recipe, but made a few substitutions, using what I had on hand. My family is used to me trying new recipes and while willing are very discriminating when asked, "Should I make this again?" Not only did the kids like this recipe, they even ate the leftovers. That's big!

[click here for printable recipe]

Here's what I put into the bag:

2 Tbsp chicken bouillon (I use Knorr.)
2/3 cup uncooked rice (I used short grain, medium rice.)
2/3 cups lentils (I only had green, but a mix of red would be nice, too.)
1 Tbsp dried parsley
1/2 tsp black pepper, ground
2 tsp Chef Paul Prudhomme's Magic Salmon Seasoning (The original recipe calls for poultry seasoning.)

After bagging the above ingredients, I tied the bag tight with a piece of jute and snipped off the 'ziploc' portion. I would only recommend this packaging for short term. Use the pint jar for longer storage.

The rest of the recipe:

1 Tbsp of butter
16 cups of water (If you want a thicker soup only use 8 cups.)

Optional, but highly recommended:

12.5 oz. can chicken
2 medium carrots, sliced
2 medium celery, sliced

To make the soup:
1. Bring the water and butter to a boil in a large pot. Add the contents of the bag/jar, including any optional items. Bring to a boil again.
2. Reduce heat and simmer until rice & lentils are tender, 30-45 minutes.


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