Wednesday, February 16, 2011

WOYWW #4 (89) - Tags

Ouch. Missed 2 weeks of WOYWW (want to know more? Check it out HERE!) Didn't want another week to go by without a post! The last couple of weeks have been busy ones. Our open house at Simple Pleasures was great! It was really fun setting up my table with my class samples and info. Of course, I was so busy talking with customers that I didn't even take a single photo of my set up!

I will say it was lovely...ribbon, daiquiri glasses filled with ink, blending foam and misters...messy craft mat, natural stones...presentation, right?

Anyway, this is what I've been doing...finalizing and prepping my classes, squeezing it into any free time I have amongst the myriad of family, work and other activities. Love playing with ink and paint!

Hoping to be able to post of few more pictures in the next couple of days of the puppy and what's been happening around here.

Look forward to catching up with WOYWW posts later tonight!

Wishing you messy fun!



  1. Love the desk- just how I like to work. Shaz #131

  2. Awesome desk! Lots of fun things there! Vickie #30

  3. What a wonderful and busy desk, lots of fun to had here. love that ink carousel too.

    Brenda 100

  4. Great desk with lots happening love all the inks, look forward to seeing the puppy photos ~ Nicky no.6

  5. It makes me want to log off and go play with tags and inks - lovely creative snapshot! I'm amused by the basket on the pegboard with ribbon and blooms in - offcuts or the whole collection?


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