Saturday, January 10, 2009

Just for Kiki

love the paper
hate the mess
been trying to make the move to digital
for some time now

taken a few classes
read a few books
LOVE Jessica Sprague!
she has GREAT video tutorials!

here's the page for K.

Only grades k-12 to finish...
(click picture to enlarge)


  1. I love this!!!! I too have been thinking of trying digital. I love to get messy with paint and such to let go of the paper completely but this layout is so good, I'm now motivated even more. Did you spend more time or less on this layout, do you foresee it being more efficient with your time?

  2. Too cool Angi. It sooo fits Kyrsten too! We'll have fun on Saturday!

  3. Thanks!

    I think right now, it's taking me a little longer to finish layouts, but mainly because I'm still learning how to do the things I want. Plus, I'm still figuring out how I need to organize the digi elements.

    I start a class with Jessica Sprague (Now We're Rockin') next week, so hopefully it won't be much longer before my time is spent making the elements! :)


    Eventually, I think it will be more efficient.


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