Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Blue is not my color

woke up
to a freezing house - no heat!
apparently Mr. Furnace needed some downtime
thankfully, landlord didn't mind
being woken up at 0600
heater dude showed up around 0830.

played with blog template
while I was waiting
to feel my toes again.
learning html
this is definitely
a process.

was going to post a picture
but i'm outta time!


  1. BRRRRR that is pure torture to start your day off. After we are "told" where we are to live for the next few years you better believe I'm going to choose the greener, warmer pasture to permanently plant my feet (they will of course be bare to set in the sun) Ahhhhh some day I'll have a choice! Good luck with staying warm.

  2. Oh thank HEAVENS it didn't happen with the arctic temperatures!
    Glad to hear your defrosted just fine! :)

  3. Aren't you talented?! You even write poetry. About furnances. You are too cool!


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