Monday, October 6, 2008

He loves me... it's been almost 2 weeks since my last post...I've been busy!

The kids have been taking turns getting sick - they aren't considerate enough to all get sick at the same time! Has your family caught that cough that just lingers?! My kids would start off with a little cough, then it would get worse; they wouldn't get a restful night of sleep, then they couldn't inhale without coughing...on and on...I think it took us all about 4 weeks to get over this thing! Ugh! Now it looks like Jess may have picked it up...after all it is his turn!

Almost finished with the dental appointments. This week (hopefully!) will be the last of them. J.T. was the only one without any cavities! The tooth fairy has been visiting our house often this last month...she nicked 4 teeth and left a small fortune! E. has another loose tooth...this will only be her second...the tooth fairy may need to get a second job!

In between all the appointments, the homework, the tests, and weekly activities, I have been making time to create!The last time Jess went TDY he brought me back a lovely bunch of goodies! Reams of cardstock, Primas, lots of glitter and embossing powders, did I mention flowers, glitter and embossing powder?! I haven't used all the new stuff, yet, but I'm working on it! And he brought me home my favorite lipgloss - I think he loves me!Free Smiley Courtesy of
(If you're not sure how glitter, cardstock, paper flowers and glue translate to haven't hauled around reams of 110lb. cardstock and glass bottles around an airport...)

Mostly making cards, mostly birthdays, a painted and stamped tile, a box...I feel like my creative mojo is right around the corner! I've been checking out my fave blogs and galleries to search for inspiration and I wasn't disappointed! I'm working on getting the photos of my projects on here...for now I'm getting them uploaded to my SCS gallery (the link in right column.)

How is your creative mojo? Need a little warm up? If you're not busy Wednesday, come join us for a morning of stamping, papercrafting and fun! It's free! (Click HERE for details!)


  1. Yeah, he MUST love you to haul all that stuff. Sorry I will miss this show.

  2. What a fantastic husband to haul precious cargo to his wife! :) Can't wait to see what you create with it!

  3. Bill had the cold and so far we have avoided it. You my friend still need to do your tag list! :)

  4. Took a gander at your creations.... and I thought I got all the creative genes... guess not... your bright sunny outlook on life, classic but open-minded views and exactly as I appear character can be glimpsed in the pictures of feelings you captured.

    Love and miss ya, BIG Sister


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