Thursday, October 30, 2008

Give a Shout Out to the Birthday Girl...Kyrsten!

Four years ago...

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Hi, All!
Today is my oldest daughter's birthday! If you have a chance, click on the post title (it will send you to her newbie blog) and send her some birthday love! [ETA: Sorry, but she's had to make her blog private.](would have posted a baby picture, but my scanner died! Free Smiley Courtesy of )

Can you believe she is 17 years old?!

I'm not that old...right? (NOT asking you, Jesse!) And yet, here she is almost half way through her senior year, making college plans (finishing up those apps, right sweetie?!), planning for her future. Sigh. They grow up too fast, too soon.

Kyrsten is a great kid. She's smart, beautiful, loyal to a fault and so much fun! I love having her around!

She certainly helps to make my life interesting...we live in a village that is not close to much...everything seems to be at least 20 minutes away, the good stuff even more.

One day K. and I were having a "discussion" and she was generously sharing with me the fact that she didn't get to do things she wanted as she needed to depend on someone to drive her.

I "kindly" informed her that driving used resources, such as gas, time and planning, and the coordination of schedules - particularly mine and that I wasn't going to rearrange my life every time she wanted to go do something...

She then preceded to educate me regarding my priorities...

"You've already lived your life!"


What was she thinking?! I'm not dead, yet!

Anyhow, we've worked this out and I'm over it now.

Besides...she wants kids one day.Free Smiley Courtesy of

{{{heart}}} you, Kyrsten!


  1. yay! kyrsten is lovely. :)

  2. I'm going to steal your words to her about planning & prioritizing and share them now with my 3 girls! (more the 20 year old!)


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