Monday, February 26, 2007

Fasching Foray

Someone commented that they didn't know what Fasching was...I didn't know what Fasching was either six years ago! It's the German version of Fat Tuesday, the day before Lent begins. Fasching actually starts November 11 and ends on Fat Tuesday. Most cities have a parade and then parties, similar to Mardi Gras.

If you want more details, search "karneval" or "fasching".

The pictures on my last Thursday Thirteen (T13) were of a nearby village. Not one of the "million" people attended parades - too many people for me! This was a nice homey parade that lasted all of 45 minutes or so. There were many groups of girls wearing costumes and kind of marching/stepping, all the while yelling, "Ally oop!" The crowd would shout it back and then the candy would start flying! I was serious about wearing helmets next year!

I went with a good friend of mine and her kids. I hadn't asked her if I could post pics of her kids, so their faces aren't showing...Most of the kids dress up for the parades and her son was a dino and her daughter a vampire!

We watched from the beginning of the parade, so the kids caught lots of candy. I'm thinking we may just skip the treat-or-treating next year... It was crazy! There were parents running into the middle of the parade route to pick up candy. I was told that at the bigger parades, people bring umbrellas and open them upside down to catch the goodies.

It wasn't just candy that fell from the sky. Little tins of Nivea creme, samples of hair products, bakery rolls (that may have been from one friend to another, but it didn't matter as it bounced off of me to the recipient!!!) Coupons for jewelry, hair treatments, riding lessons...

One of the floats actually had people passing out cups of beer as it passed by! I imagine it was to wash the pea soup (yeah...I know!) that the German Red Cross was handing out as they drove by!

There were kids from the local martial arts haus and kids and ponies from the riding club, local community was very small townish! Just what I love! When we arrived people made room for our kids, when the goodies came most of them shared. Lots of smiling, laughter and good will were present.

So, if you're ever this way, this time of year - hit a fasching parade and don't forget the helmets!

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