Monday, February 19, 2007

Karneval - well, almost

Ah, Mondays! Lucky me this isn't the typical, crazy Monday. Today is a holiday Monday! In the kindergarten, the kids celebrated Karneval. When I dropped off *P.Blumen (Prinzessin Blumen) , I was accosted by witches, fairies and dragons - oh my! Even the teacher was disguised in a sombrero and curly mustache! Face painting for the girls only (not sure why), candy (lots)and games were part of the fun.

Meanwhile at home, *Big Man and *Little Man were hanging out playing Sonic as *P.GG (Prinzessin GG)waited for her ride to the pool. *P.Sunshine (Prinzessin Sunshine) was MIA, hanging out with her friends. Me, I was anticipating the quiet for Big Man and Little Man were going out for a guys only afternoon after P.GG left.

It didn't last long. I started out paying bills, then decided to indulge and read some blogs. There are all kinds out there. I am still deciding which ones I really like and want to keep an eye on. I enjoy reading about the little things in life...other people's lives. :) (With 4 girls in the house, rarely is anything little!)

Here's a blog that I keep finding myself returning to - I finally put it on my page!Turning the Pages of Life by Gene Bach is a great blog! It has a little of everything - wit, humor, and drama (read the fishing boat story!) a style that is easy going; nicely done. Stop by, if you get the chance and say, "Hello!" to Gene.

Now that P. Blumen and P.Sunshine are home the quiet has ended. They are almost 12 years apart. What can they have to argue over?! Oh well - tomorrow the kids are out of school, too, but we will be visiting a chocolate factory in the morning and then a fasching(karneval) parade in the afternoon. Wish me luck - hopefully, I'll get some good pics to share!

*Names have been changed to protect the not-so-innocent. ;)

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