Tuesday, May 14, 2013

In the Mean Time...

Checking in.

*Warning: this is not a crafting post, but a personal one.

Not a lot of crafting to share. Doesn't make me happy, but this is all for the good of the family. My family.

You've noticed my lack of posting? Not for a lack of wanting, but mostly for a lack of time and supplies. Most of our worldly belongings are boxed up.

We are in the midst of moving across the country. Ugh.

The kids are finishing school. You know, field day, parties, last minute play dates, etc. I think the end of the year is even busier than the beginning!

...and we're renovating the house. There have been moving crews, foremen, painting crews, contractors in every room of our home...it has been a trying time. Almost all of our household goods left over a month ago. We've been camping out in our house. We did keep a small amount of 'necessary' items behind, but it has been tedious.

Currently, there is a crew painting the downstairs. Eventually, they will move to work on the upstairs and we will move downstairs like rabbits in their burrows, away from the noise and the dusty top world.

Then it will be time to clean: windows, carpets, appliances, etc.


I miss my studio. I miss my paints, papers and inks. I miss hanging out with my creative peeps and arting up stuff.

It's time for change. We're making some obvious changes with the move. Right now, it's hard to look forward to the wonderful things to come, but I know they are there, waiting for us to finally arrive and to begin the process of renewing, organizing and settling in.

Thanks for hanging in there! I should be back to *regularly* posting around June 21st. Until then check out these two challenge blogs:


Great inspiration and chances for prizes just for playing along!

I'll be sure to share a thing or two here when I get the chance...you know I'm still reading your blogs and who doesn't have Pinterest these days?!

Inky hugs,


  1. Angie, I will be thinking of you! You aren't by chance going to Germany, are you? Our DD and SIL just moved there this month! He's Army.... Good luck to you!

    1. Hi, Patti!
      No, we are not moving to Germany...but we spent almost 10 years there and would love to go back! We are moving to the East Coast.

      Thanks for the luck...we may need it! ;)

  2. My dear Angi,
    I am so sadden by your moving. I am sure you and the kids will enjoy being near family.
    You were on my mind so much in the past weeks.... now I know why.
    Hugs to Angi, kids and especially Glo
    love k

    1. Hello, Miss K!
      I keep hoping that when I stop by Simple Pleasures that I will run into you! I sure have missed seeing you and talking about all things creative and of course my crazy kids... I hope to be settled quickly, so I can get back to the lovely business of friends and crafting.

      love & hugs,


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