Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Count One Thousand Gifts...the Act of Being Grateful

Dear Friends,
It seems that it has been a long time since we've chatted. I have been wanting to get back to sharing more than just my paper crafting and now is as good a time as any, right? No worries - I'm still going to share the crafty stuff, but I'm going to be popping in on occasion to share the personal stuff, too.

We've only been back a week from a crazy 2 week road trip across the states to the East Coast. WY, NE, KS, MO, KY, VA, NC, PA were just a few that we either drove through or stopped in. Most of those in about 48 hours...yep.

House stuff, laundry, pets, kids going back to school this week...I have too many things on the proverbial plate, but I've been doing a little here and little there, trying to stay calm knowing that every little bit is progress. So, today while doing a little research for some issues I came across Ann Voskamp's blog.

How did I not know about her blog?

I'm sure I heard about Ann's book on some Oprah episode and had every intention to read it, but some how it didn't happen. I'm sure many of you MOMs understand...

Suffice it to say that I am in awe and have felt the gentle tug of her written words pulling on my heartstrings.

I have so much to be grateful for, especially right now, and I want to be able to be conscience in the experience of sharing of my gratitude. This will require a shift in my priorities, my day to day activities, but I look forward to "...happily changing everything..." knowing it will be worth it.

I don't have the time to explain Ann's work; I don't want to wait another second to get started. (I don't think I'll share my Gifts every day here on the blog, but I'll tweet them.)

Go read it for yourself - I'm just discovering it, too.
(This is where I started reading...btw the pause button for the music is under the header.)

Gratitude: 3 Gifts White

My Children's Eyes | My Magic Mouse | White Space

1. I'm blessed with four children who are crazy similar and divinely different! I'm grateful when they trust me enough to tell me about their friends, share their joys and drag their fears into the light of day so we can slay them together.

2. My Magic Mouse. The wonders of technology. When I bought my laptop, I didn't want to spend the extra money on another peripheral. So I didn't. Not for two days. It makes photo editing, blogging, emailing...whatever I do on the laptop so much easier!

3. White Space. One of the purposes of white space in art is for the eye to have some place to rest. Some days I need white space in my life. Sometimes it's to get away from everything, but inevitably after the hubbub softens to a low roar, I can see the trees for the forest and gain a new perspective on what's going on.

Love & hugs,

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