Saturday, July 19, 2008

Birthday Wishes for TJ

Yesterday was "Thursday 13" and since mine is about my nephew, Tristan (Hi, Tristan!) I waited until today to post...

Thirteen Things We Love about TJ

1. He LOVES cars.
2. His beaming smile.
3. He’s a good friend.
4. He’s smart (ask him about his favorite car…)
5. He really likes soup.
6. He makes funny faces.
7. Did we mention that he LOVES cars?!
8. He loves his family, too. :o)
9. He’s fast on the soccer field (like a racing car!)
10. He’s fun to play with (bring your cars…)
11. He likes pizza.
12. He has a great laugh!
13. His hero strength (try a hug!)

Happy Birthday, TJ!

1 comment:

  1. TJ loved it!!! he just sat here beaming the whole time. :) Thank you soo much.


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