Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Almost there...

So, today is the last FULL day of school - tomorrow's a half day. Yay! Of course, there's still stuff to do. Mutual this evening, dress rehearsal for G. and E. tomorrow, recital on Saturday and then...hopefully a week of not doing too much. Schedule picks up from there. Sigh.

This is our last year here! So, of course, we are planning trips for those places that we really want to go. Been to a handful of countries and day trip attractions. A friend of mine just clued me in to a cruise of the Eastern Mediterranean in December that I'm going to look in to, planning Italy as our finale this next summer (family history, anyone?!) Who knows what will come between!

Well, I'm off to pick up Evelyn's passport - it's finally in and now we can really get out and about!

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  1. And you even have time to blog! WooHoo! I hope you do get on a cruise--do the Greek Island one, if you can!


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