Thursday, January 31, 2008

Where did the time go?

So, 2 weeks have gone by and the pace at home hasn't changed much. It's 1230, like in a.m. and I am now just getting a few moments to myself! Jesse was gone part of this week. Off visiting another country (again) and that left me all the driving for the week! Not complaining, it's just the way it is.

I am truly enjoying my last year of sharing my days with one of the kids. Evelyn will start kindergarten in the fall and I am already preparing for those "lonely" days. I've started attending a monthly craft class (I'm starting small!) and am working on organizing the family photos and my craft room - so I can do something with the photos!

Trying to downsize the commitments - but I struggle with this one. I'd rather be at the school volunteering or planning the next GS meeting - the laundry and dishes will still be there when I get home! I have gotten so used to being busy (not necessarily productive, though) that I'm not sure what I will do when Evelyn goes to school...I doubt it will take me long to figure this one out! Leave me some suggestions in the comments!

Here's a little something from Evelyn:

Evelyn: I can't wait for Daddy to grow up!

Me: Why is that?

Evelyn: He'll be funner when he doesn't have to go to work!

Does that mean I'm all grown up?!



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